Westminster Weekly 3.24.2020

**CHPC youth and young adults!  It’s time to apply for the Woosley-Leake Scholarship for the 2020-2021 school year!  If you are planning on going to college, trade school, or any sort of continuing education after high school, this is a way that the church can help you.  Thanks to the generosity of previous generations in the faith, there are funds available to help support you in working toward your goals. You will need to fill out the application and return it to the church office by June 1.

**Call for art!!!

THEME: The Giver of Life

ARTISTS: All who love the community of Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church


DELIVERY: Please email images to Faith at office@crescenthill.church.

DISPLAY: SUNDAY, MARCH 29TH on crescenthill.church


ENTRY FEE: It’s free to enter!

**Giving During Turbulent Times

Hello everyone!

We hope this finds you managing in the best way possible. We just want everyone to know that we continue to work to keep our hard working staff paid, our love gift offerings to the community and beyond disbursed, our special offerings going, like our upcoming One Great Hour of Sharing, as well as the humdrum expenses of our water, electricity, etc.

During this time of uncertainty, it is important to keep our pledges coming so that we may continue do those things. That said, we also know that many households are experiencing a serious financial impact. If you find that you need to put a hold or reduction on your 2020 CHPC pledge during this time, please know that we understand. We would request that if that is a step you must take, please let us know so that session can make any budgetary adjustments that might be required.

Since we are not meeting as a community and gathering your offerings in person, we would ask you to consider alternate methods of giving. First, our mail is being checked on a regular basis, so feel free to write a check and mail it to the church office. Second, you can do an automatic payment through your own bank’s online bill payment service – either through their check writing service or a transfer to the church’s account (Stock Yards Bank – Routing 083000564; Account 1970348).

You can also sign-up for our online giving service – Vanco. You can access the Vanco sign up through the church’s website. Click on the three bars located below the address to access the site menu. At the bottom of the menu is a topic named ‘Online Giving’. Click on this and it will take you to the Vanco page where you can set up your online giving account. You can make offerings through this system in any way you prefer – one time, weekly, monthly. You can also make contributions to our church’s special offerings (i.e. One Great Hour of Sharing, Peace, Pentecost, etc.). We now have the One Great Hour of Sharing offering available on the Vanco site.

As always, whether it is a personal check or an electronic check, please note in the memo area what your contribution is so that we can correctly log your amount.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either co-treasurer. You can reach us at the new email address – treasurer@crescenthill.church.

We thank you for your on-going generosity.

Andrea Trautwein (Chair-Generosity Team); Jack Marcum (Co-Treasurer); and Elaine Trautwein (Co-Treasurer)

**Hi Friends,

Each spring, CHPC joins with thousands of other congregations in receiving the One Great Hour of Sharing offering at Easter time. On the Sundays before Easter, we hear about the programs that this special offering supports. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is keeping us apart, we will use email to remind you of the important work of the ministries supported by the OGHS: Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, Self-Development of People, and the Presbyterian Hunger Program. While all our attention is focused on the acute crisis of the moment, we must not forget the work that these programs do to address the chronic problems of poverty, hunger, and disaster. Read more about the OGHS at www.pcusa.org/oghs.

Giving to the One Great Hour of Sharing

Without special offering envelopes or “fish banks,” we need to find new ways to donate to the OGHS. You can mail a check to the church office, marked “OGHS,” but the easiest way is to go to the CHPC online giving page and choose enter your gift for “One Great Hour of Sharing.” (While there, you will have an opportunity to catch up on your regular giving to CHPC.)

Resources for families with children . . .

We don’t have any ways to get you an OGNS “Fish Bank” this year, butt maybe you could make one and share a picture on the CHPC Facebook group page.  Here is a link for a “Fish Bank Bingo” activity, and here is an OGHS children’s sermon to share with your kids.

Watch for another OGHS minute for mission next week.

**Rekeying the Church

In good stewardship of our people and our buildings, our elders have decided to re-key the church’s outside doors. All outside doors in both the front and back buildings will share a common key, and copies of that key will be signed out and carefully tracked. We see this improvement as a priority, now that our staff is working mostly from home and the building is often empty, in order to better steward the resources that we have been given by prior generations. All of our elders, deacons, and staff continue to work actively to adapt to these unusual times.

**New Hours to Reach Church Staff

We have made a few adjustments to our phone hours to accommodate everyone during this time. Our Administrative Assistant Faith will be available to answer calls at the following times:

Monday – Thursday 9am – 3pm

Friday – 1pm -4pm

Sunday – 9am – 11am