Westminster Weekly 10/29/2020

Worship Service Sunday, November 1, 2020
Topic: Worship Service Sunday, November 1Time: Nov 1, 2020 11:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Adult Sunday School
Join us this Sunday for the last of three Sunday School sessions with the Coalition of Immokolee Workers. We will recall CHPC support for the CIW, beginning with the Taco Bell boycott and continuing over nearly 20 years. We will learn about how the Fair Food Movement has grown and what a worker-led movement for justice looks like. The series will also give us a chance to discuss what it has meant for CHPC to be an ally in this movement. 
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Upcoming Sermon Text
Rev 7:9-17
Roger Veliquette
Mt 25:31-46
Roger Veliquette
1 Kgs 17:8-16
Rebecca Mattern
Help Us Be a Matthew 25 Congregation!
Matthew 25:31–46 calls all of us to actively engage in the world around us by working to:
1. Dismantle structural racism     
2. Eradicate systemic poverty   
 3. Build congregational vitality
Thank you, Mark and Barbara Barnes, for leading us in a Bible study on Matthew 25 in October, and to Claudia Foulkes for facilitating our introductory and closing sessions. Thank you too to those who participated and shared insights and ideas. This is just the beginning, as we explore together what it means to be a Matthew 25 congregation.
Here are ways we can continue learning and living into the Matthew 25 vision:

Read and reflect on the Bible passages that will be the focus of upcoming sermons, and attend the Zoom discussions with Pastor Roger and others every Wednesday at noon. You may share comments on the sermon from the previous Sunday and/or share your thoughts on the text for the upcoming Sunday (see list below).
November 1 — Revelation 7:9–17November 8 — Matthew 25November 15 — 1 Kings 17:8–16 (Rebecca Mattern preaching)November 22 — Ezekiel 34:11–24 (Polly Cushman preaching)November 29 — Mark 13:24–37 (First Sunday of Advent)December 6 — Mark 1:1–8December 13 — Luke 1:46–55December 20 — Luke 1:26–38

Build relationships with our sisters and brothers of Lampkins Chapel CME Church and their pastor, Rev. Claudette Snorton, by attending their prayer meeting and Bible study Wednesday evenings at 7:00 on Zoom. Lampkins Chapel has issued an open invitation to CHPC members. You may come for the opening prayer time and then leave, or stay on for the Bible study. Check with your elder or the church office for a link to the meeting.
Learn more about the Matthew 25 initiative of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) at https://www.presbyterianmission.org/ministries/matthew-25/
Zoom Information:
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Talk About the Sermon
You are invited to talk about the sermon together with the pastor. Roger will host a Zoom meeting on Wednesday at 12noon. Based on interest, we may adjust the time in future weeks. In order to prepare to talk about the sermon, please read the Bible text and think and pray about the following questions:  What troubles you or makes you curious about this text?  What connections, if any, do you make between the text and the realities of our congregation?
Zoom InformationTopic: Talk About the Sermon!
Time: November 4, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 833 3474 7000
Adult Education for November 15 and 22

White Too Long, the Legacy of White Supremacy in American Christianity by Robert P. Jones will probably make you uncomfortable. It may make you angry. It may well prompt you to learn more about your faith, your church and yourself.
Deborah Fortel will lead an adult education conversation about White Too Long on November 15 and 22. Copies of the book are available at Carmichael’s Bookstore. Tell them you are from Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church to receive a discount.
Robert Jones was awarded the Grawemeyer in 2019 for his previous book, The End of White Christian America. Jones is the CEO and founder of the Public Religion Research Institute. He was raised Southern Baptist, graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and holds a PhD in religion from Emory University. Empower West Louisville chose White Too Long for this year’s City-Wide Virtual Book Club.
CHPC Fall Traditions
CHPC loves tradition. Even in this most unusual of years we are determined to keep going with as many as we can. In worship, Elder Claudia Foulkes mentioned two of them: Bibles for Second Graders and Prayer Partners for our congregation’s children, youth, and young adults. Here is the 2020 version of these special traditions:
Bibles for Second Graders –This year Bibles are being presented to: Atticus, Lilak, and Rocio. We also are presenting a Bible to Meylin who was not attending our church when she was a 2nd grader. Deliveries will be made in their Zoom Sunday school goody bag, or special drop off at their home doorstep within the next few weeks. This gift from CHPC is our way to share with these children a Bible of their own — the most wonderful book that we hope will become a part of their lives forever.
Prayer Partners – Children’s Sabbath, was started 29 years ago by the Children’s Defense Fund, and adopted by CHPC many years ago as a time to recognize the children, youth, and young adults in our nation and in our congregation. The event raises awareness of problems facing this population (such as poverty, gun violence, and lack of health care) and calls on us as people of faith to take action to nurture and protect them with love and justice.
CHPC recently designated 3rd Sunday of each month as a time to involve this population in worship leadership. We were blessed to have Alek, Abigail, Eli, Elias, Julien, Lucy, and Oliver, so far, participating in this way. If you would like to take on a leadership role too, please let Pastor Roger know.
Normally, on Children’s Sabbath we have passed baskets to congregants in the pews and asked them to take a card with the name of a child, youth, or young adult in our congregation and to pray for and get to know them over the year. Watch for the upcoming November issue of Westminster Ways for details on the 2020 practice of this tradition for the over 50 younger persons we have in our congregation. If you know you want to be a prayer partner, no need to wait –contact Soni Castleberry at 417-6481 or soni.castleberry@gmail.com or Eric Proctor at 608-7306 or eric.t.proctor@gmail.com.
What Can We Do?
Very often during times of crisis we wonder what, if anything, we can do. The Dean of Louisville Seminary, Debra J. Mumford has started a Padlet (electronic bulletin board with active links) that showcases actions we are each able to take to help realize social justice in the worldhttps://padlet.com/dmumford2/6mlyz480kr9e1wrk.
Deacon of the Month: October
During the month of October, we will be having Deacons of the Week (instead of Deacon of the Month). Below is the schedule for October:
Deacon of the Week for October 25-31 is Patti Marcum.
Elder of the Week
Bruce Whearty is our Elder of the Week. He can be contacted via phone at (502)407-0860 or email dr.bruce.whearty@gmail.com.