Sabbath at Seven

During this time when we are limited in the ways we can gather, we must find ways to continue to feel connected as the body of Christ. One thing we can do is to pray together. We can use technology, but we can also commit to praying together through God’s presence. We can gather in spirit at the same times each day and use the following words that will serve to hold our individual hearts together in the collective heart of this people!

“Sabbath at Seven.” Either at 7am or 7pm or both. You are encouraged to join together in spirit with others from the congregation to speak these words aloud, knowing that others are saying them with you. Add your own prayers. Say them out loud or read quietly. Pray together with those who are in the room with you, and know that others are praying with you!

Daily Prayer

Gather us, O God, in your presence.

Move us, in prayer, toward an awareness of you. Shape us, through prayer, for the coming of Christ. Hold us, in prayer, for the healing of our world. Make us, through prayer, to trust in you.

Lead us, in prayer, toward our work with you.

We pray for the church . . .

for victims of violence . . .

for those who are hungry and thirsty . . .

for those who share what they have with others . . . for the healing of those who are sick . . .

for people who feel isolated . . .

Christ in your mercy, hear our prayer.

Gracious and Loving God, you are one God, and you bring together what is scattered

and mend what is broken.

Unite us with the scattered peoples of the earth that we may be one family of your children. Bind up all our wounds,

and heal us in spirit,

that we may be renewed as disciples of Jesus Christ.1

Listening God,

Receive our prayers, the prayers we say out loud and the prayers we say from the quiet of our hearts. Let these prayers deepen our affection for you as beloved persons united in the body of Christ. In the name of the One who creates, who saves, and who moves as a spirit in all of us. Amen.

1 This paragraph is from the “Book of Common Worship” 2018 WJK Press, 843.