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Westminster Ways January 2020



Worship is at 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM on Sundays.

Roger Veliquette will be our preacher for worship services during the month of January.

Homebound Communion If you are unable to be at worship and would like to receive Homebound Communion this month, please call the church office (893-5381).

Perry Chang is Deacon of the Month for January. Please call Perry (502-457-7833) if you know someone in the congregation who could use a gesture of friendship.


Seeing 2020

Roger Veliquette

The clock struck midnight, and the world didn’t crash. 20 years ago, many thought that the “Y2K bug” would bring down the world’s computers. It didn’t. As a prank, my brother-in-law cut the power to the house where we were celebrating New Years that night. The true believers in the Y2K bug didn’t think it was very funny. Some of us did.

Around that same time, 20 years ago, city planners and community leaders recognized the unique opportunity to use the double meaning of 20/20 vision together with the year 2020. For people who are blind, the phrase “Vision 2020” is not helpful language, but “Vision 2020” became its own planning phenomenon across the country, grabbing people’s attention to think clearly about what we wanted for our future. It was gimmicky, but it served as a tool to encourage long term planning efforts.

Before Pastor Jane Larsen Wigger retired from Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church, she gave the church an important gift by launching what our congregation calls the Vision 2020 project. Many of you know the story, because you lived it. If you haven’t been part of the church in the last few years, please take this as an invitation to talk with me about the recent history of our congregational planning efforts. After many cottage suppers, talking circles, consulting hours, and two years of dedicated efforts, narratives were written and summaries were compiled. It was an important step in the congregation’s preparation for a new called and installed pastor.

The phrase “Vision 2020” was so widely used with 2020 as a planning target that the year took on a mythical status as a destination in time. 2020 is here! The phrase “Vision 2020” is no longer a prophetic, long-term way of thinking about our world, our country, our city, or about our organizations. It’s now. In a year, we will be saying, “hindsight is 2020.”

A year is not a destination. The story of the church has not ended, and neither has it just begun. 2020 is just one plot on a timeline from which we can look back and look forward. The enduring work of the Vision 2020 project is available to give direction to the work we do now and informs the way we talk about the work for our congregation in the future. The ongoing work of visioning will take on a new form, honoring our past, working in the present.

January is a time when members of session, councils, and teams work together to look ahead and prepare a plan, a budget that will help to guide our work together. At our January session retreat, we will use our policies and the visioning work that has been done to help make decisions and recommendations for the coming year and to clarify values that inform future decisions. The retreat is also a time when the church officers will have opportunities to build community with each other and gain energy for the work of the new year.

Included in our Vision 2020 narratives is a repeated commitment to work with anti-racism efforts. We have a few opportunities in the coming months to live into that commitment. For example, on the last Sunday in February, we have the opportunity to build a relationship with Lampkin Chapel CME church in Shively by visiting them for their worship service and worshiping together with them. More details on this opportunity and other opportunities will come through bulletins, weekly announcements, and e-blasts.


Join the Guatemalan Connection for Lunch Jan. 19

and Hear About Plans for July’s Visit to Guatemala

Soni Castleberry

After worship on Sunday, Jan. 19, the Guatemalan Connection will share details about the Friday, July 3 – Saturday, July 11 visit to Guatemala that the CHPC Session approved last month. If you would like to learn more about the visit, regardless whether you might want to go, please bring your appetite and an open mind to learn more about the visit. There are many ways to be involved in this important CHPC ministry.

Jan. 31 will be the deadline for expressing interest in being on the travel team. The hope is that July’s visit will be intergenerational as in 2007 when a large CHPC team visited Guatemala the first time to explore the possibility of forming a partnership with the people in a presbytery near El Estor. This year is the 10-year anniversary of that partnership. The primary focus of the visit will be deepening relationships with our partners and strengthening our own spiritual journeys by working together on educational and recreational activities with the children, youth, and adults. Also for the first time in over a decade we also will spend some time working alongside our presbytery partners on renovation/building projects at a couple of churches. In addition to the Soup Spectacular on Feb. 9, Session has approved an alternative Valentine’s Day option to help our partners with materials for the projects. . (More on this next month.)

The cost of the visit will be about $2,000 per person. This includes all expenses for air transportation to Guatemala, van travel while there, and air travel home. It also includes all meals and bottled water while in Guatemala. Expenses for food or anything else at an airport are not included. Team members must also cover the costs of their own passports and necessary immunizations and medications.

While this is a lot of money, consider how much you would be paying for food and transportation if you were home for those eight days. Also compare these costs with what you might spend on a family vacation or a school trip. We believe you will find these costs to be quite reasonable. We realize, however, that there are still CHPC members who would like to go, but cannot afford the full cost. There will be an application and approval process for partial scholarships. Typically, youth are at least 15 to be on the travel team but there may be some flexibility. Many families have found these visits to be excellent experiences for youth and parents to share. Knowing Spanish is very helpful, but is not a requirement. Many of our partners speak Q’eqchi’ as their first language and no CHPC travelers have yet learned it.

There are other commitments that team members must be willing to make. For example, all travelers will help plan the visit, participate in fund raising projects, attend orientation sessions before the visit, fully participate in activities in Guatemala, and officially report back to the congregation on their experiences when home.

Timelines for probable team members to submit information to the church office include:

  • Friday, Jan. 31 – Letter of Intent and scholarship request
  • Late February – Letter of Commitment, all required forms, and 1st of 4 payments
  • March – 2nd payment
  • April – 3rd payment
  • May – Final payment

For more details about the visit, contact Perry Chang, 457-7833, or perrydchang@gmail.com, or Soni Castleberry, 417-6481, or soni.castleberry@gmail.com.

Adult Sunday School Class for January

Trouble The Water: Conversations to Disrupt Racism and Dominance

The series begins this Sunday, January 12, with stories of people/events that disrupted racism in 2019. We will celebrate Molly of Denali, Charlotte Nebres, Louisville’s Muslim Jewish Advisory Council, Steven Reed, Joy Harjo, José H. Gomez, the Cash Bail Project: Louisville and more.


Community Martin Luther King Day Celebration on Monday, January 20th at 1 pm. (St William Church, 1226 W. Oak).Undergo Change: Transforming the Fatigue of Despair to the Buoyancy of Hope. We will weave together music, stories, poetry and a keynote address spotlighting a variety of voices for justice around critical issues impacting our lives and community.

Program includes: Keynote by Rev. Brian Wilson; Music from Karan Chavis, John Gage, Scott T Smith and the Real Young Prodigys; Featuring Quintez Brown, Damon Cobble, Remi Dior DeMarcouzsa, Jocy Portales, Kumar Rashad, Sassa Rivera, Yolanda Walker, Olivia Benford and Fateemah Muhammad.

Mission at CHPC

Gena’s Tree

As the cool days have arrived, the “blooms” on Gena’s Tree will become gently used or new warm clothing for people who are homeless. Leave them at Gena’s Tree, located in the Gathering Room, off the narthex, and Presbyterian Women will see that they get to the agency.

As Izzy Jones said in a recent worship service, the agencies that benefit from your offerings left at Gena’s Tree are so appreciative of the commitment from our congregation. Many, many thanks.

Other Opportunities

Ways You Can Be Involved in Our English Language Learners (ELL) Program:

The first term of classes will resume January 27 and run nine Mondays through March 23. A free meal will be served at 6 p.m. to students and volunteers followed by classes for beginner and intermediate students from 6:45 – 8 p.m. 

If you would be willing to prepare a meal one Monday night, or donate money for our Meal Coordinators to buy food, please contact one of them to sign up. They are Izzy Jones at 502-425-3943 or Jerry Van Marter at 502-565-6757.

Men’s Breakfast Group will meet in Henry Young Hall on Saturday, January 18:

Come to the fellowship hall at 10 AM for coffee, OJ, pastry and bagels. The group is just for fellowship and fun. No program. We share joys and concerns around the table and laugh lot!  All men of the church and visitors are heartily welcome! Spouses are welcome as well. For more information, please call Mark Barnes (513-255-0262) or Bob Abrams (458-2018).

The Gun Violence Prevention Team is meeting Saturday, January 18, 11 a.m. in the Gathering Room at CHPC. Please join this team of folks from CHPC and several other congregations as we meet the third Saturday each month to explore ways to reduce gun violence through prayerful study, action, and advocacy. (Come early and there may be food left from the men’s breakfast!) For more information, please contact Lucy Steilberg (502-893-5231) or Eva Stimson (eva.stimson@gmail.com; 502-727-6778).  To join our group email and receive meeting notifications and action alerts, send an email to Molly Casteel (molly.casteel@pcusa.org).

Sisters of Sarah Book Club

Book club will meet on January 19 in the home of Eva Stimson, at 2220 Woodbourne Ave.

We will be discussing Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng. Please contact Eva for more information (502-727-6778 or eva.stimson@gmail.com).

Youth News and Dates

Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Here is what’s on tap for the next couple of Youth group events. 

January 19 (Sunday) – The Guatemalan Connection Planning an event with a light lunch to update CHPC folks who are interested about our Guatemalan partnership and say more about the Guatemala visit scheduled for July 2020. Youth are encouraged to attend. Parents are welcome, too. 

February 2 – Super Bowl of Caring! This month we will be encouraging the congregation to donate canned food for the annual Super Bowl of Caring. Then, after worship, we will sort and pack everything and have fellowship. 

I pray that 2020 will bring you peace! – Paul Kepler

CHPC Financial Matters

When writing checks to CHPC, it is helpful to the church treasurer if checks for your church pledge and per capita are written separately. Thank you for your help with this.

Per Capita Apportionment

Presbyterians have a form of government built upon shared power and mutual accountability as we seek together to find and represent the will of Christ (Book of Order F-3.0204). Per Capita is a set amount of money per member that congregations pay to the larger Presbyterian Church. Every Presbyterian shares in the benefit of the PC(USA)’s system of government, so every Presbyterian is asked to share the expenses associated with coordinating and performing the functions of that system. The annual per capita amount is a combined request from the congregation’s presbytery, synod and the General Assembly. Please pay the per capita amount of $25.00 for each active member in your household. If you have children who have gone through confirmation they are considered active members.

On-Line Giving

Here is the link to the CHPC online giving page: CHPC Online Giving Web Page It’s easy to set up for one time, weekly or monthly giving, just follow the prompts on the web page. You can also go to CHPC’s web site, www.crescenthill.church, and click on “Online Giving.” If you run into any trouble, contact the church office (893-5381 or office@crescenthill.church).

People at CHPC:  January Birthdays

4-Ted Trautwein

12-Carol Young

16-Don Mead

23-Kara Castleberry

25-Elisabeth McNinch

27-Alexis Barnes-Davies

27 –Will Farrell

28-Ian Husk

29-Marianne Booth

29-Emma Bos

29-Sharyn Emery

30-Lewis Washington


CHPC Directory

Did you know that you can look up CHPC member contact information and pictures on the CHPC web site?

Go to www.crescenthill.church, click on “Our Life” then “Congregation Builder.” Click on “member login.” [User Name is chpc. Password is member.] To see someone’s picture (if we have one), just click on “On-Line Picture Directory,” then click on the picture icon to the right of the person’s name. Confused? Just call the church office and Connie will walk you through this. Would you like a different picture posted on the web site? Has your contact information changed? Contact the office at any time and we’ll update your information.

If you would like to receive a digital or print copy of the directory, please contact the church office.

Phone: 893-5381 – Email: office@crescenthill.church

Address Updates:

Emily Whearty 5516 Westhall Ave. (40214)

Dawn Pendleton 202 Ring Rd (40207)

Megan Davis 3100 Smith Lane, Lagrange, KY 40031

CHPC   January   Calendar

S = Sanctuary; HYH = Henry Young Hall; G= Gathering Room; C= Choir Room

Wednesday, January 1 – Happy New Year!

Office closed

Thursday, January 2

7:30 PM Choir (C)

Saturday, January 4

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Sunday, January 5

9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

   Roger Veliquette, preaching

12:15 PM First Sunday Potluck (HYH)

Tuesday, January 7

9:15 AM Staff Prayer Meeting

6:30 PM WOW (Walker)

Wednesday, January 8

7:00 PM Council (G)

Thursday, January 9

7:30 Choir (C)

Friday, January 10

Session Retreat – Sisters of Loretto

Saturday, January 11

Session Retreat – Sisters of Loretto

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Sunday, January 12

9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

   Barbara Barnes, preaching

Tuesday January 14

9:15 AM Staff Prayer Meeting

10:00 AM Presbyterian Women (G)

Wednesday January 15

Deadline for Annual Reports

Thursday January 16

7:30 PM Choir (C)

Saturday January 18

10:00 AM Men’s Breakfast (HYH)

11:00 AM Gun Violence Prevention (G)

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Suday January 19

9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

   Mark Barnes, preaching

12:15 PM Guatemalan Connection (HYH)

Tuesday January 21

9:15 AM Staff Prayer Meeting

6:30 PM WOW (Walker)

Wednesday January 22

7:00 Session (G)

Thursday January 23

7:30 PM Choir (C)

Saturday January 25

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Sunday January 26

9:45 AM Sunday School

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

   Roger Veliquette, preaching

12:15 PM Deacons (G)

Monday January 27

6:00 PM ELL begins (HYH)

Tuesday January 28

9:15 AM Staff Prayer Meeting

Thursday January 30

7:30 PM Choir (C)