Westminster Ways Newsletter


Worship is at 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM on Sundays.

Our Preachers for June and July:

June 2 – Ben Langley             June 9 – Erin Veliquette        June 16 – Roger Veliquette

June 23 – Roger Veliquette    June 30 – Roger Veliquette

July: Carrie Mook Bridgman and Stew Bridgman, Sr.


Homebound Communion

If you are unable to be at worship and would like to receive Homebound Communion this month, please call the church office (893-5381).

Taize Healing and Peace Service

By Dana Sue Walker

I was asked to write an article about our Taize Healing & Peace Service – in the hopes that more of you would want to experience this special service that takes place on the third Wednesday of every other month. My first thought was that it should be written by someone who is not biased about the beautiful music, peace, and calm in our lovely candle-lit sanctuary, time of prayer and solace, and opportunity to receive the rituals of anointing of oil and laying on of hands. Then I realized: it is often a person who is passionate about a ministry who is best suited to share the word.

It was in 2011 that I began coordinating the current version of a Taize service at CHPC. The Worship Committee saw the need for a ritual of song, silence, and prayer offered on a regular basis. I asked to coordinate these services, for I had been so spiritually fed by attending Taize services. The very act of creating the service and preparing the space for the evening brings great joy and peace to my heart. So, yes, I am biased; however, I think that is one of the very beautiful things about our congregation. It is evident every day, and in so many ways, how passionate our members are about a broad spectrum of ministries, social justice issues, forms of worship, and ways to nurture our congregation. This service and preparing communion just happen to speak deeply to me!

I invite you to try out this 40 minute service in the middle of your life-filled week that gives you an opportunity to pray for healing for loved ones, for yourself, and/or for the world. Come enjoy singing songs cantored by Lewis Washington or Jim Hubert. Relax in the silence. Light a candle for a loved one.  If you choose to, come forward for the blessing of oil. Sometimes we may need a reminder that we are loved and God is with us.  Whether we have one, five, or 35 in attendance, everyone who has ever assisted in the liturgy of this service has agreed that numbers do not matter. What is important is that we offer this service for those in need of healing and/or a moment of peace.

Please join us on June 19th at 7 pm for our next service.  And please, if you would like to be a liturgist for this service, or give input as to what would make this a more fulfilling service, please email me at danasuewalker5@gmail.com or call me at 339-8903. Thank you!





2019 Offering of Letters: Better Nutrition, Better Tomorrow

It’s that time again – time for the Bread for the World Offering of Letters!  This year, churches across the country are writing to encourage their Representatives and Senators to support legislation and funding that accelerates progress on maternal and child nutrition.

The world has been making steady progress in overcoming malnutrition, but that progress is slow.  Over 150 million children under five still suffer from stunting.  Bread for the World and a coalition of churches is asking Congress to place a higher priority in its foreign assistance on the things we know contribute to better nutrition:

  • increased access to nutritious food and vitamins,
  • supporting breastfeeding, and
  • ensuring safe drinking water and sanitation.

This year, we will be doing our Offering of Letters differently.  The offering will be on June 2, but there will be materials ready for you to take home on May 26.  You can write letters at home and bring them with you to church on June 2.  We will also email you information during the week leading up the offering.  And there will still be a chance to write letters when you arrive on June 2.

In the meantime, you can find more information about “Better Nutrition. Better Future” online by clicking here. (Rev. Gary Cook will be leading this activity during worship on Sunday, June 2.)

Sunday School: The final topic for the intergenerational Sunday school class this year is Artificial Intelligence and a Christian Response.  Roger Veliquette is leading the class, which will meet through June 2.  Learn why AI is a justice issue, including concerns about bias and privacy.

May 26 is the final meeting of Sunday School for children. Sunday School will resume on September 8.

The First Sunday Potluck is on June 2nd

The Nurture Council invites you to join us for our regular, first-Sunday-of-the-month congregational potluck on June 2nd.  Please bring your table setting of plate, cutlery, and napkin in order to reduce adding garbage to the land-fill and to reduce clean-up in the kitchen. Consider also continuing to bring red meat-free dishes. About 20% of our greenhouse gas production could simply (and cheaply!) be wiped out by going Red Meat Free. Let’s begin now.

Volunteers needed for our monthly potlucks: We love the opportunity to share time with each other.  Let’s make sure that we share the chores, too. There will be a sign-up sheet at the entrance for our next potluck to remind us all to help. Thanks!

Members and friends: The CHPC Coordinating Team now has an email address to reach all five of us at the same time. It is: chpc-coordinating-team@googlegroups.com.

We hope this will ease your contact with us as we continue to coordinate the work of the church until we have a new pastor/s. You still can directly contact staff, our pastoral care team, a council chairperson, your elder, a deacon, or another volunteer active in a particular area. But, for those times, you prefer to contact us as a team or are uncertain and feel like “I would normally call my pastor, but…” – do not hesitate to email the team address or call Soni, coordinator, at 417-6481. We welcome your concerns and ideas for things we should address during this interim time.

Coordinating Team: Soni Castleberry, Gary Cook, Debbie Dierks, Mary Love, and Eric Proctor


Give to the Pentecost Offering

By giving to the Pentecost Offering, you help provide opportunities for children and young people to grow in faith. A foundation of faith established during childhood helps ensure lifelong faith and service. The Pentecost Offering, one of four special offerings of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), supports:

  • Young Adult Volunteers (YAV) serving in communities around the world and growing as leaders through transformative Christian service
  • Ministries with youth
  • Education and safe havens for children at risk

Our congregation will donate 40 percent of the offering to support United Crescent Hill Ministries’ work with children and youth in our community.

Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church will collect the offering at morning worship on Pentecost Sunday, June 9. Please give generously!

Mission at CHPC

Guatemala Mission Partnership on June 8 and 9

At 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 8, folks interested in the partnership will gather at the Henry Young Fellowship Hall to make plans for the partnership, talk by phone with our partners, and prepare soup. Everyone is welcome. (Please note the new meeting time.)

After worship on the next day, Sunday, June 9, there is the monthly Second Sunday Soup Spectacular. Folks will have an opportunity to take home pints of various homemade soups.  Donations for the partnership will be accepted. Recently, we have shared some of the Sunday Spectacular donations with our partner presbytery, which we imagine they will use for some important improvements to their facilities of the churches around the presbytery. Feel free to be both hungry and generous on Sunday, June 9.

Men’s Breakfast Group will meet in Henry Young Hall on Saturday, June 15

Come to the fellowship hall at 10 AM for coffee, OJ, pastry and bagels. The group is just for fellowship and fun. No program. We share joys and concerns around the table and laugh lot!  All men of the church and visitors are heartily welcome! Spouses are welcome as well. For more information, please call Mark Barnes (513-255-0262) or Bob Abrams (458-2018).

El Tarasco Night, Saturday, June 15

Our regular Guatemalan Connection fund-raiser is always the third Saturday of the month from 6 – 9 p.m. at El Tarasco, 110 Fairfax Ave., just off Shelbyville Road across from Trinity High School. The restaurant donates 15% to our Guatemalan Connection when you ask that Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church be credited. If you can’t make it that night, please go another time. Thank you so much for supporting this easy way to add funds to this ministry.

Sisters of Sarah Book Club: Sunday, June 23, at 4:00 PM
Book club will meet this month in the home of Claudia Foulkes, 171 Pennsylvania Ave. We will discuss the book, Becoming, by Michelle Obama.  Please contact Claudia for more information (939-4129 or cfoulkes3@gmail.com).

The ELL Program thanks the following fine cooks for their excellent meals, generosity, and supportive presence during the Spring term: Sandra Duverge, Andrea Trautwein and Andrew Hartman, Tricia Lloyd-Sidle, and Jerry Van Marter.

Other Opportunities

Parents of High School Seniors: Woosley-Leake Scholarship applications are available in the church office (or call 893-5381 to request a mailed application).  Any church member or immediate family of a church member (or member of the community in the case of the Woosley Scholarship) who will be enrolled in undergraduate college during the 2019-2020 school year is invited to apply. Applications need to be completed and returned to the church office by June 1, 2019.

Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville 17th Annual Gardening Camps for 2019!

The Summer of 2019 will be the 17th year for the camps, which begin the week of June 10 and run through Friday June 28 (three camps).  We need support in recruiting kids and providing funds to cover low income campers (we have a yearly goal of 40% low income kids in our camps). The cost is $150* per camper per week (fee includes lunch, snacks, pool fees, all gardening stuff, art supplies, etc.).

*Sliding Scale/ Scholarships provided if needed, on honor system.

Checks made out to SAL can be mailed c/o 104 Forest Court, Louisville, KY 40206

Just email (or call/text) Stephen Bartlett to get camper’s names on the rosters and arrange for camp payment for one of the three camps: estebanbartlett@gmail.com, or call/ text 502 415 1080.

Foster Parents Needed: Did you know Kentucky is currently at the highest number of children in out of home care ever recorded? Nearly 10,000 children have been removed from their biological homes due to substance abuse by the birth family, domestic violence, or another type of abuse or trauma to the children. The need for foster and/or adoptive homes is greater than ever. Contact Beth Wade for more information: BethW@sjkids.org, or (502) 893-0241 ext. 204.  Visit our website for additional information: www.sjkids.org



CHPC Financial Matters

When writing checks to CHPC, it is helpful to the church treasurer if checks for your church pledge and per capita are written separately. Thank you for your help with this.

Per Capita Apportionment

Presbyterians have a form of government built upon shared power and mutual accountability as we seek together to find and represent the will of Christ (Book of Order F-3.0204). Per Capita is a set amount of money per member that congregations pay to the larger Presbyterian Church. Every Presbyterian shares in the benefit of the PC(USA)’s system of government, so every Presbyterian is asked to share the expenses associated with coordinating and performing the functions of that system. The annual per capita amount is a combined request from the congregation’s presbytery, synod and the General Assembly. Please pay the per capita amount of $25.00 for each active member in your household. If you have children who have gone through confirmation they are considered active members.


On-Line Giving

Here is the link to the CHPC online giving page: CHPC Online Giving Web Page It’s easy to set up for one time, weekly or monthly giving, just follow the prompts on the web page. You can also go to CHPC’s web site, www.crescenthill.church, and click on “Online Giving.” If you run into any trouble, contact the church office (893-5381 or office@crescenthill.church).



19-  Elias Craigo-Snell

19-  Sharon Kutz-Mellem

19-  Jack Leake

19-  Hilda Zuniga

20-  Sandra Duverge

23-  Isabel Husk

26-  Paul Kepler

26-  Amanda Scharf

26-  Jim Welch

28-  Janine Linder

29-  Maxwell Martinus Bos


CHPC  June Birthdays

2-  Claire Baird

2-  Carolina Kepler

3-  Kimberly Aycock

3-  Erin Denny

3-  Davis Nathan Scharf

7-  Patti Marcum

12-  Booker William Scharf

16-  Gail DeMarsh

16-  Jean Burgess Welch

18-  Elise Foster Duerr



CHPC Directory

Did you know that you can look up CHPC member contact information and pictures on the CHPC web site?

Go to www.crescenthill.church, click on “Our Life” then “Congregation Builder.” Click on “member login.” [User Name is chpc. Password is member.] To see someone’s picture (if we have one), just click on “On-Line Picture Directory,” then click on the picture icon to the right of the person’s name. Confused? Just call the church office and Connie will walk you through this. Would you like a different picture posted on the web site? Has your contact information changed? Contact the office at any time and we’ll update your information.

Phone: 893-5381 – Email: office@crescenthill.church






CHPC  June Calendar

S = Sanctuary; HYH = Henry Young Hall; G= Gathering Room; C= Choir Room

Saturday, June 1

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Sunday, June 2

9:45 AM Adult Sunday School, final meeting

No Children’s Sunday School

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

Ben Langley, preaching

Commissioning the Youth for Montreat

Bread for the World: letter-writing

12:30 PM First Sunday Pot Luck (HYH)

Tuesday, June 4

9:15 AM Staff Meeting (Office)

6:30 PM Women on the Way (Walker)

Thursday, June 6

7:30PM Choir Practice (C)

Saturday, June 8

Youth at Montreat

12:00 Guatemala Connection (G; HYH)

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Sunday, June 9: Day of Pentecost

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

Minute for Mission: Pentecost Offering

Erin Veliquette, preaching

12:15 PM Souper Sunday (Narthex)

12:15 PM Earth Care Meeting (G)

Monday, June 10

9:00 AM Garden Camp (Week 1)

Tuesday, June 11

9:00 AM Garden Camp

9:15 AM Staff Meeting (Office)

10:00 Presbyterian Women (G)

Wednesday, June 12

9:00 AM Garden Camp

7:00 PM Councils (G)

Thursday, June 13

9:00 AM Garden Camp

7:30 PM Choir Practice (C) – Final practice for summer

Friday, June 14

9:00 AM Garden Camp



Saturday, June 15

10:00 AM Men’s Breakfast (HYH)

6:00 PM Guatemalan Fundraiser (El Tarasco)

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Sunday, June 16 – Father’s Day

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

Roger Veliquette, preaching

Monday, June 17

Newsletter Deadline

9:00 AM Garden Camp (Week 2)

Tuesday, June 18

9:00 AM Garden Camp

9:15 AM Staff Meeting (Office)

6:30 PM Women on the Way (Walker)

Wednesday, June 19

9:00 AM Garden Camp

7:00 PM Session (G)

Thursday, June 20

9:00 AM Garden Camp

Saturday, June 22

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Sunday, June 23

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

Roger Veliquette, preaching

4:00 PM Sisters of Sarah (Foulkes)

Monday, June 24

9:00 AM Garden Camp (Week 3)

Tuesday, June 25

9:00 AM Garden Camp

9:15 AM Staff Meeting (Office)

Wednesday, June 26

9:00 AM Garden Camp

7:00 PM Session (G)

Thursday, June 27

9:00 AM Garden Camp

Friday, June 28

9:00 AM Garden Camp – final day

Saturday, June 29

6:30 PM French Language Outreach Ministry (S)

Sunday, June 30

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Worship (S)

Roger Veliquette, preaching

12:15 PM Deacons (G)