Stewardship Council 2017 Annual Report

Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church
2017 Annual Report: Stewardship Council
Prepared by Andrea Trautwein

Council members: Marsha Berry, Stew Bridgman, Dave Bush (clerk), Bob Gordon, Jack Leake, Alan Pauw, Andrea Trautwein (chair), Ted Trautwein, David Wilding, Bill Young

Topics and Actions:

Budget vs. Actual: We ended the year with a surplus of $16,484.88. We received more money than what was pledged and had fewer expenses.

Insurance: Guide One representative visited the church on November 21. We will make the recommended repairs and upgrades.

Maintenance: Hired Tim Miller to perform maintenance and custodial duties. Installed a new digital timer that controls the front light. Repainted handrails in front of the sanctuary. Asphalt patches to the potholes in the parking lot. Paint new parking stripes and created more handicap accessible parking spaces. Installed an AC unit in the sound room (thanks, Stew for the donation) to help with the excessive heat and to protect the equipment. Converted the door to the back building to an automatic handicap accessible door.

Clean-up Days (April 8 and November 25): Thanks to all the volunteers who worked to keep our church grounds and buildings beautiful.

Grounds: Tim has worked hard to maintain the grounds. He utilizes the riding mower to cut the grass and we purchased a weed whacker and a blower.

St. Joe’s Parking: We shared the cost of an off-duty police officer during the St. Joe’s picnic with the Guatemala Partnership.

Energy Efficiency: LED lights installed in Henry Young Fellowship Hall and LED replacements whenever possible. LED plaza step lighting installed. Motion detectors installed in three bathrooms in the Education building. Received a rebate from LG&E for $158.00.

REMEMBER: Please pay your 2018 per capita apportionment of $23.67 per member (you are encouraged to round up for easier bookkeeping). Write “per capita” on the memo line of your check.

Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church
2017 Annual Report: Generosity Team
Prepared by Dave Bush

Greetings from the Generosity Team:

First, we want to thank you, the people of this congregation, for all that you do for our community: regularly participating in worship; offering your Songs of Thanksgiving; serving on councils; volunteering to support activities like Sunday school, the youth program, the Guatemala Partnership, English Language Learners and many others; caring for one another; singing in the choir; and for your financial contributions to our community.

The Generosity Team was busy this year. We continued discussing and implementing ideas from J. Clif Christopher’s book Not Your Parents’ Offering Plate. During three Saturday sessions this summer and fall, we participated in the Lake Institute on Faith and Giving workshop “Creating a Culture of Congregational Generosity.” We organized the sharing of Songs of Thanksgiving during worship. On October 22, we kicked off the 2018 Pledge Campaign with an after-worship lunch and presentation that was attended by approximately ninety people. We implemented the pledge campaign that resulted in ninety pledges. Compared to 2017, thirty-eight individual/households increased their pledge, and CHPC received six new pledges. The Generosity Team also began tailoring our communication to groups within the congregation and to contacting CHPC members throughout the year.

It may seem improper to discuss financial issues in worship or even at church in general. “This is a house of God and we are a community of faith. It’s just not right to talk about money here; this is a place to focus on our spiritual lives and not on the every-day demands of the world,” we might think. As the Generosity Team has studied the Scriptures and giving practices in faith communities, we have changed our views.

About one-third of Jesus’s parables deal with the use of money and possessions, and the use of resources is discussed throughout the Bible. If we are called to bring our whole selves to God, then we are called to think and talk about our finances and use our resources in ways that reflect God’s call for our lives. “Honor God with your wealth, with the first fruits of all your crops” (Proverbs 3:9).

As the Generosity Team, our collective Song of Thanksgiving is for you. Thank you for financially contributing to this congregation. Our community of faith has a long history of supporting people in this church, across the city of Louisville, throughout the nation, and around the world. Dependent and empowered by God’s love and grace made know through Jesus Christ, the people of CHPC will continue living out that love and grace with one another and the world.

The Generosity Team:
Andrea Trautwein, Laura Proctor, Jack Marcum, and Dave Bush