Nurture Council 2017 Annual Report

Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church
2017 Annual Report: Nurture Council
Prepared by Mary Love

Nurturing faith and the everyday life of faith

Participants on Nurture Council in 2017: Megan McCarty (chair), Marcus Perry, Erin Veliquette, Kristy Hubert, Sandy Weldy-Cook, Mary Love, Jennifer Thalman-Kepler

The primary role of Nurture Council is to facilitate Christian education programs for all ages and sponsor fellowship activities to strengthen relationships within our congregation and community.

Coordinators of Faith Formation
Paul Kepler and Jennifer Thalman-Kepler are continuing to give valuable leadership as Coordinators of Faith Formation. The goal of this shared part-time position is to help CHPC more effectively nurture children, youth, and families and help them grow in Christian discipleship. Jennifer and Paul help coordinate a growing ministry with young families. Jennifer continues to work with the Children’s Team, which works to include children more intentionally in all aspects of the church’s ministry. Paul works with the Youth Team to coordinate CHPC’s youth ministry. (See separate report on Faith Formation for details.)

Nurture Council continued its oversight of the nursery. Our part-time nursery coordinator, Claire Palmer, has been well received by parents and children using the nursery. Cara Bridgman is also serving on the Sundays that Claire is not available. The advisory team for the nursery continues to assist Claire as needed. Our safety policies require that there be a second person in the nursery every Sunday, but we are having problems getting enough people to volunteer. Moms, dads, grandfathers, grandmothers, aunts, uncles, and folks who love kids are encouraged to sign up. Please contact Patti if you are willing to help with the nursery one or more Sundays a quarter!

Adult Sunday School
The adult class explored a range of thought-provoking topics: 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation (Amy Pauw), Racial Justice (Racial Justice Catalyst Team), Praying the Psalms (Tim McNinch), The Gift to Be Simple—An Introduction to the Shakers (Donna Phillips), The Grace of God (David Sawyer and Deborah Fortel), Exploring Compassion (Mark and Barbara Barnes), How Do They Call Themselves Christian (Gary Cook), Who’s Jesus?—Whose Jesus? (Deborah Fortel and David Sawyer), Advent/Christmas African-American Spiritual (Donna Phillips and Lewis Washington)

Sunday School for Children and Youth
The younger children’s class is using Seasons of the Spirit curriculum. The older children are using the PC(USA)’s Growing in Grace and Gratitude curriculum.

Debbie Dierks continues to lead a 10-minute gathering featuring music and prayer for children, youth, and their parents at 9:45 each Sunday morning as a kick-off to the Sunday school hour. This fall the children began singing in worship one Sunday a month!

Thanks to our faithful Sunday school teachers for children and youth:
• Pre-school–Grade 1—Elaine Trautwein, Jerry Van Marter, Jessica Banks
• Grades 2–5—Eva Stimson, Kate Husk
• Youth Sunday School (grades 6-12) finished the 2016-2017 school year with PC(USA)’s Growing in Grace and Gratitude curriculum. In the fall, volunteer teachers covered monthly topics including: The Language of Sex and Sexuality, Eco-Justice, and Demystifying Muslim Stereotypes. We look forward to more topics in 2018, including Self-Care, Social Media, Hunger, and The Qu-ran and the Bible.

Youth Ministry
Nurture Council helped recruit a team of gifted and committed adults to lead our church’s youth program. (See the Faith Formation report for youth activities.)

Cedar Ridge Camp
No children or youth signed up for camp last summer, but we had a great crowd at the Annual Church Picnic on August 20th and had serveral CHPC folks who helped with (and attended) the 60th Anniversary Autumn Under the Cedars banquet and fundraiser in early October.

Young Adults
Along with the entire congregation, the Nurture Council celebrates the growing number of young adults who are sharing their gifts and presence with us. The young adults have attended and provided support for various church activities.

Developing Relationships
Nurture Council organized or helped with a variety of events aimed at building and strengthening relationships among CHPC members and welcoming newcomers. Events in 2017 included:
• Cottage Suppers
• Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Luncheon
• All-church worship and picnic at Camp Cedar Ridge
• Sunday School Kick-Off Breakfast
• Attending Shakespeare in the Park
• Free tickets to Louisville Bats game
• Intergenerational Palm Sunday and Advent events during Sunday school hour
• Facebook group to connect and inform CHPC members