Informal Session Report July 26,2020

Informal session report, July 26, 2020                                                           Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church

Lucy Steilberg shared her faith story, a series of illustrations of how God has worked through people in her life.  I was inspired by her witness, and hope that all of us might keep Lucy’s perspective in mind.  We’re all people who touch the lives of others, sometimes in unknown ways.  How can we illustrate God’s love through all our relationships?

We agreed that the ‘Matthew 25 Project’ is too broad a challenge to be housed under a specific council, and we agreed that it will have its own standing agenda item on our monthly meeting dockets.

The Mid-Kentucky Presbytery hosts Zoom meetings as support for congregations taking part in the Matthew 25 Project.  Session agreed to invite anyone in our congregation to take part in those meetings, which will be announced in our weekly newsletters.  This will be a great chance for all of us to learn more about the project, and to hear other congregations share ideas of how to implement it.

We developed a rotating roster of ‘Elders of the Week,’ and we agreed that this role should be more than just making announcements at the beginning of worship.  We will each be ‘on call’ (as we are able) during our assigned week to share pastoral care with Roger and the deacons.  When you need someone to talk to about any concerns that come up in your life, this arrangement increases your flexibility.  Call Roger, or your deacon, or your elder, or the elder of the week, whatever feels most comfortable for you.  Stay in touch, and let someone know what you need!

We approved Reverend (Pastor) Claudette Snorton as our preacher for August 16, when Roger will be on vacation.  Reverend Snorton is the pastor at Lampkins Chapel CME.  Hosting her will provide us with one more step toward a closer sister-relationship with her congregation.

We accepted the initial report of the ‘Safe at Church’ Task Force on how to re-open the church.  They will continue meeting, as well as monitoring current updates about covid-19, but for now, church buildings will remain closed.  When will we re-open?  Not yet.  But thanks to the task force’s thoughtful work, we have better ideas on how to position ourselves so that we will be ready when the time is right.  

Crescent Hill’s planned trip this summer to Estereno Presbytery, our community of sister churches in Guatemala, has been cancelled due to covid-19.  We have been raising money for that trip, mostly through monthly soup sales, and session needed to decide what to do with those funds.  We agreed to send an extra $3,150 this summer as emergency help for Estereno during their struggle with covid-19.  This donation is in addition to our regularly budgeted general support, which will be sent in October.

Councils will ‘meet’ at 7:00 pm on the second Wednesday of each month, and you are always welcome to take part.  If you’d like to play a deeper role in the life of the church, please feel free to contact the church office.  Faith can give you information about how to contact each council so that you’ll be invited to join their virtual meetings.  Thank you!

This was the final session meeting for Jack Marcum, who has served as clerk for the past ten years.  We’re grateful for his calm, compassionate presence, especially during pastoral transitions, and we’re grateful for both his past service as clerk and his future service as co-treasurer.  The new clerk will be Polly Cushman.  Please thank both of them for their willingness to serve Crescent Hill!

Bruce Whearty