Vision 2020 and Themes

Vision 2020

It’s 2020 and we at Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church – adults, children, and youth alike – are guided by our mission statement:

Dependent on God’s love and grace
made known through Jesus Christ,
we are a worshiping community
called to live out that love and grace
with one another and the world.

Responding to the call to live as faithful disciples of Jesus Christ we:

Deepen our connections with God and each other through a variety of spiritual experiences, including: study and reflection on scripture, worship services, and contemplative and spiritual practices. We know that without deep grounding in the love and grace of God we cannot sustain the stamina necessary for continued commitment to living out God’s love and grace in the world.

Deepen our connections with each other in the congregation through a variety of opportunities for mutual care, support, and intimacy. We recognize that in our increasingly individualistic and fragmented society, this congregation offers unique and crucial opportunities for deepening intimacy and vulnerability within a context of trust and care.

Deepen our commitment to a few important efforts as we focus our time, energy, and resources toward issues of racial justice, cross-cultural connections, and earth care. We accept our limits as human beings, and as a congregation we choose to do a few things well rather than trying to do many good things. We work with partner-churches and partner organizations and are known for our deep and steady commitment.

Deepen our commitment to stewardship of our lives and resources as we respond carefully and realistically to the congregation’s needs and transitions in leadership. We acknowledge that new commitments in congregational life and emerging changes in the world around us require new structures within the congregation, new styles of leadership, and more active participation on the part of the whole congregation.

Vision 2020 Themes

We want people to be themselves even as we seek to form a community. The authenticity that we strive for in worship also informs our smaller groups, councils, budget, property and staff. Our faith is not a certainty but a relentless yearning and hope that justice, grace, and mercy will go before us and be our lasting legacy.

We welcome all people. Worship is intergenerational, incorporates gender-inclusive language about people, and expansive language about God. We value the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic diversity of the congregation. Differences enrich.

Children and youth are integral to the life of our community with valuable gifts to offer.
We do not think of them as the future of the church, but rather very much a part of the worship, fellowship, and mission of the church. It is important to share the story of faith and God’s love so they know they belong and are part of the story. To this end we invest money as well as significant time and talent in providing high quality leadership.

A core aspect of living out our Christian faith is joining with God and each other to work for justice and the well-being of all people and creation. Our commitment to social justice is reflected in the decisions we make with our communal resources. We embody the church’s prophetic role by speaking up for those who aren’t being heard and we partner with others who are also working for justice.

We see ourselves as a community, a web of relationships. We care for each other as we journey together. Formal and informal ministries are in place to ensure that each individual knows they belong. The congregation is held together by a relaxed openness, with a culture of acceptance.

Worship and music are the heart of our life as a community. Every week we are given the opportunity to deepen our relationship with God through fresh and unexpected expressions of faith grounded in tradition. Regular worship provides us the sustenance we need to confidently live out our faith and let God’s light shine through us.