Church Staff

Pastor: Roger Veliquette

Roger began work as “pastor on deck” with Crescent Hill on August 26, 2019 after being approved unanimously by the congregation. Having earned a Master of Divinity (M.Div.) from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in May 2019, he was ordained on October 20, 2019 at his home church, Elk Rapids First Presbyterian Church in Elk Rapids, Michigan.

At seminary, he also completed a certificate in Black Church Studies. During his time at LPTS, he participated in Anti-Racism Training, consultations for Black Church Studies, and served as a member of the Presidential Search
Committee. Roger completed his CPE (supervised work as a hospital chaplain) at Baptist Health and Field Ed Internship at Central Presbyterian Church.

Roger’s wife, Erin, is graduating from Louisville Seminary with an M.Div. in Spring 2021. They have three children.


Administrative Assistant: Faith Grady (on leave March-June 2021)
                         Seth Craigo-Snell (volunteering while Faith is on leave)
Faith began working at CHPC in late fall 2019, and can honestly say it has been a joy since day one. The staff and church members have been very warm and welcoming – she couldn’t have asked to be in a better place! She looks forward to serving as Administrative Assistant and building a wonderful relationship with everyone!

Associate for Pastoral Care: Deborah Fortel

Deborah Fortel’s responsibility is to collaborate in providing pastoral care for the congregation. She connects with members and friends of the congregation who are experiencing illness, bereavement, and other stressful situations. Her work includes staff support to the Board of Deacons, coordinating their important work in supporting and caring for the congregation, and moderating their meetings. An unpaid member of the staff, she works approximately 10 hours per week and is accountable to the session through the pastor.

Deborah is married to David Sawyer. Both are retired Presbyterian ministers who have served as pastors in congregations, as well as other service to the PCUSA. They have four children, four grandchildren, and share their home with a rescued Golden Doodle.

Parish Associate for French Language Outreach Ministry: Lengulula Kashama

Worship Consultant: Avery Smith

Born and raised in Ohio, Avery Smith graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in May 2019, and now lives with their wife and two cats in Atlanta, Georgia. A firm believer that all binaries were made to be broken, they are both Catholic and Presbyterian. You can usually find Avery ranting about Bibilical languages or disability justice, reading or writing poems, or working on their podcast, Blessed Are the Binary Breakers: A multifaith podcast of transgender stories. Most of Avery’s ministry these days takes place online; find links to their various websites and writings at